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Meet Gremlin!

Gremlin is a very social cat and would fit very easily into a family with other cats and dogs. She smooches, cleans, kisses and head buts the dog she lives with at her foster house. She is a great conversationalist and meows differently for different needs such as snacks, cuddles, food etc. she is not a lap sitter but likes to sit on the back of the lounge touching you if you are watching TV. She likes to sleep on the end of the bed and follows people around the house as you are going about tasks. Very friendly and desperate to be loved. I think she would do very well with other animals. She is patient with kids and play fights with claws in. She likes to gently lick your nose or tap you with her paw on the cheek if you are not getting her breakfast quickly enough. A really lovely little cat with plenty of kitten and friskiness in her. Immaculately clean with her litter tray. Really likes to hang around with you. Totally not aloof.

Her adoption fee is $210.00, which covers:

  • desexing
  • microchipping
  • up to date worming and vaccinations
  • other vet work while they’ve been in our care

Please call our office on 8947-1272 or send us an email at to organise a meet and greet!

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