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Top End Sign Sales

Top End Sign Sales

Here at PAWS Darwin we appreciate the support of our community, as a small local, locally owned and operated shelter, with no ties to larger Organisations all our efforts are local. That's why we are grateful for to those in our community who have given us support.

Top End Signs

Thank you to Top End Sign Sales, they did a fantastic job on Lisa's car and it certainly gets peoples attention. ( we get stopped often and asked about what we do) It is also a great advertisement to the organisation, we can park it up at any event and people know we are around. Thank you to Deb and her team. its just fantastic.

Zoe the Ridgeback

We'd love to thank our recent Major Sponsor but of course He is anonymous.  However we can still say thank you to Zoe the Ridgeback who inspired her dad to help us to do great things. We are currently building an adventure Garden with the help of the team from community corrections. We are proudly dedicating it to Zoe.

Zoe's Garden

Zoe's Garden is being built in our space as we speak, its design will allow us to enjoy our space better and for the dogs to play and get into more mischief, apart from the actual tunnel and hill it will have a sandpit two wading pools, and a shade to cover the yard. The best part of this is the community involvement. Everything we needed for the garden has been donated,(including the labour). Thank you to Paradise Nursery for the sand and gravel, to Beaurepairs Winnellie for the tires and to Bunnings for the shade and other requirements. The Community Corrections work team are building the playground and we thank Steve who has taken the time to approach sponsors on our behalf to achieve something we could only dream about before Zoe the Ridgebacks donation.

All Upholstery NT

Aldo at all Upholstery NT has also been a fantastic support, not only does he work happily next door to an often chaotic shelter, He gives to us all the little things, shade sails, dog mats, tools. Support like that from All Upholstery NT makes a big difference.


Health Inspire Train

We are grateful to Alysha at HIT an her fundraising endeavours, not only did we get to enjoy the morning at the Beach with her, he class and the Box Jelly Fish Van but we also got to raise money. Thanks to Alysha we had some amazing prizes, and She helped us raise over $350. It was a great effort. We would like to thank HIT for their Training Voucher, the Leprechaun Hotel, for their Voucher for one night in their spa cottage, To Crocodylus for the family pass, The Nutrition Station for their $50 voucher. Thank you Alysha and thanks to all who contributed and made the weekend such a success

Sponsor Us

If you would like to sponsor our organisation we'd love to hear from you. Financial sponsorship's like that received from Zoe's Dad allow us to focus forwards on better ways to improve the life of our pound rescues, to look outwards and help educate and change the lives of animals in our community.

To talk to us about sponsorship email us pawsdarwin@gmail.com or call us on (08)89471272.