I need to rehome my pet 

So often we hear this. I need to rehome my pet. It's about ten months old. It is a big mixed breed dog and we have to move. We have a smaller yard we going interstate we are .....the list goes on.

Here are a few things to think about. Train your dog. Just because it's a block dog doesn't mean it shouldn't be well trained or walked or socialised. You never know when your circumstance might change. Prepare for the future. Big dog, small dog it doesn't matter the size if you train your pet properly then you'd dog will be ready for any move you are.

If your renting and that's not likely to change then be careful about the dog you choose. Think about temperament  ,training, exersise. If you are a person who has to move for work plan even harder. You know your going to move. Pick a dog that can move with you, train it so it can move with you. There are many classes  you can attend even in a location like Darwin. Put effort into your pet so you want to take them with you. If you do move get pet friendly accomodation.

What happens to animals who don't get to go with their families. Lucky ones find homes with people who will care for them. Dogs with behavioural issues will likely develop worse ones and not be happy in their new homes. Cats who are stressed with their move will get more stressed. Imagine that you are moving house things are changing and the stress involved in that. Then imagine you lose your complete family as well. How is it different for your pet.

Think about your pet. Train well choose wisely. If you can't live with your pet for 15 years, if you can't see yourself being committed and your pet going where ever you go then don't adopt, buy or rescue. If you rescue a dog or cat only to dump it later then I'm sorry you didn't rescue it.

So you say you love animals and cant live without one, you want the kids to have that experience. There's many reasons to want a pet and we all understand the value of a pet in our homes, but they are not a throw away commodity. Cant take a pet with you consider fostering for us or another group.  Please think carefully before choosing a pet for your household. Research, ask for help, take time and think about it.
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