Allan and family

When Allan and his siblings first came along every one fell for Allan on the spot, his brothers and Sisters, not so much, their little selves were a little bit more difficult to handle than Allan. Really it wasn't any surprise that these 4 little puppies found under a partially constructed building out whoop whoop way were a little scared to begin with. Allan first rescued because he came out to say hello settled into life like a little trooper and his foster mum adopted him. For Jemima and Sebastian life was scary but once they moved to their new foster homes they learnt what it was like to be loved and life got better for them quickly. Little squeal though his life was a struggle. This tiny little creature screamed and cried with fear the moment anyone tried to touch him. Hence the name, we were not sure if he would ever get over his fear let alone find a forever home that would go past his scared behaviors and help him to get better. At PAWS Darwin it is always our desire to see our animals behaviors improve in care, not just to pass on unacceptable behaviors to unsuspecting people, so Squeals foster mum had her work cut out for her. On ,ore than one occasion FM asked if she was really helping, he loved her dog and her ex- PAWS dogs is a perfect example of what a good dog should be, but when ever he was faced with a new situation he would revert back to his previous behaviors, panic would strike, he'd hide and cry and just generally bring FM to despair.

Happily though this was not the end of his Story and our little man with the help of his foster mum found just the right person for him. He recently came to visit and was happy and confident.

What helps scared Dogs?

Stability, structure, pack leadership, these thing always help, it feels wrong when someone is scared to not sit down and explain why their fears are irrational, but for a dog when you sit down to explain you are instead doing the reverse, when you are taking the time to reassure them they see this as you also been concerned about the situation, instead they need you to show them there's nothing to be afraid of. They need you to deal confidently with everything that comes their way so they can follow your example. Our biggest failure with scared dogs is to understand communication dog style. We communicate the way we would with another person or a small child, this is not the way a dog communicates. We may as well be speaking Klingon, don't know what I mean? Neither does the dog.  the first step in calm communication is a loose lead equals stress free reward, a tight lead makes the dog think you want it to attack.

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